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Get feed happy and stop worrying about what to post!

It's time to up your social game!

by Lucy Stange


How it works

My Social DRIVE. Helping your clients fall in love with your story, personal brand or product.


1 - Choose your package

Choose a plan that best fits your business growth needs.

Whether you are looking to grow your personal brand recognition, grow your following, or just plain "get me some clients". My Social Drive is a perfect fit.


2 - Schedule Session

Once you choose your plan, pick the date you would like to  start. We will take it from there. You will receive a questionnaire before our meeting date just to help us get to know you and your businesses a little better.  Thank you for filling us in. We are excited to hear all about what makes you and your business ROCK!

Schedule options:

Visit link below to choose plan and first session date .


3 - Rock your photo shoot

Most importantly, be ready to have fun. This is your day to celebrate your successes and enter a new space for growth. Remember to submit My Social Drive Questionnaire before hand. Email confirmation will be sent confirming location and what to bring. These things change based on quetionaire answeres.


4 - Download Photos + Captions

Download photos and content plan. Schedule post, and voilรก! You're set for the month!

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