About “My Social Drive”


My Social Drive is a women-owned marketing company, dedicated to helping Mission- Driven Businesses show up for the world through digital marketing and website design services.

Partnering alongside you as a business consultant, My Social Drive recommends the best solutions to fit your personal and business goals. OUR HEART AND SOUL is with the small business services businesses. We set out to create services that are affordable and effective so you can get the most value on your investment.




Lucy Stange, Founder & CEO,

Lucy Stange is a force of passion and creativity when it comes to enhancing a small business. She started her marketing business, My Social Drive, in October of 2017 as a photographer with knowledge and excitement about the branding process; she grew into a personalized marketing partner for her clients. Now, she and her team strategically craft and execute marketing plans that are centered on the unique stories and purpose behind her small business clients.

My Social Drive is accepting new clients this year – start 2020 off right with solid marketing partners like Lucy and her team.

Website: https://mysocialdrive.com/ | Email: info@mysocialdrive.com

Lucy Stange, Founder and CEO of My Social Drive

Lucy Stange, Founder and CEO of My Social Drive


Why “My Social Drive”?

My -

In other words, you! We want you to own the passion and purpose behind your business; we’ll take care of the nitty-gritty details.

Social -

Genuine connections with your customers - it’s where growth happens, especially on the social platforms most relevant to your audience.

Drive -

Determination to focus on the truth and purpose behind your business because transparency is the base for strategic business decisions that lead to growth.