Are You Desire or Fear Driven?

What is driving you to make that next move? Is it the fear of getting fired or not being present in the workplace? Is it the desire to do good and be better? Whatever the tactic is that you choose to conquer your dreams, know we support it. There is nothing wrong with either side of that coin if it works for you. 

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Lucy StangeMy Soicla Drive
Keeping Mental Health in Mind as a Business Owner

Running a small business is a strenuous job and mental health plays a big role in its success. Financial, emotional and physical stresses can be very draining if you aren’t careful. I, for one, have learned this the hard way. I spend so much time taking care of my business, I forget to take care of MY wants and needs. I have to take a step back and realize… hey, I’m a person too! 

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How to Use Hashtags as a Digital Marketing Tool

Hashtags are a fundamental element in social media marketing, and I think this question deserves a full deep dive in helping our community truly understand the impact hashtags can have in the building of their own business strategies.

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