Stradegy Plan for your Instagram Account

What is your strategy Plan? Here are some tips to help you get clients from your Instagram account.


Let start of with your BIO:

Does your BIO Tell people what you can do for them right away? Does it help people know what you are all about? Start with these steps:

  • What you do. What clients can expect from you

  • Where you are located

  • What you stand for or love (like coffee, fashion, or entrepreneur life etc.)

  • Lastly a free gift. Something that creates a strong call to action.. for more.

Marketing Strategy plan:

  • Who are your clients?

  • What do you offer them?

  • What do you need?

Stay focus:

  All post should have a purpose.

  • Inspirational

  • Educational

Marketing Style and design:

  • What is your style

  • How do you need to communicate to your clients

  • Is your style congruence between stories, captions, and images (they should all tell the same store)