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Why Social Media Post are not working for you!

Good morning friends,
As i sit here and think about all the comment s and complaints I get from friends and clients. I realize what is going so wrong. Here's the deal. We all want to be successful, we all what our product and services to be number #1. But, how do we get our clients to see us and book with us or buy. Well, here's what I think

Fist of, we are so bombarded with sales pitches and buy now adds, we blur them out without even thinking about it. We are tiered of being sold too. People what to be heard and acknowledged. They want to feel like they are apart of something more then a product or transaction. Most of us feel alone and like now one understands.


We get in a game of comparison and jealousy, which causes us to shut down and close our creative and passionate side. Technology has numbed us in a way that has left us with a strong crave for really human connection. Something that makes us feel alive again.


Be real! Be open and show this world the truth about what we do, show people the little things that get you excited, show people what you believe in and why it matters to you.  Help people see you for you and make that connection with you. I believe we are better together. We learn and grow from each other and when our society stop showing the human side of business, it left is feeling empty and unsatisfied.


I challenge you to post a transparent post about "you". Be real, be honest, be human and show what it take be the awesome person you are.


This is a vulnerable post. I recommend posting only when you can handle the social response (positive or negative). Think about how this story can help and encourage others who may be going through something similar and how this could help them not feel alone.

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