Stop f^&ing around with Consistency.

Consistency is a wonderful tool that will help create momentum in your business.

Here are thee major areas I would recommend taking a look at. You would be surprised at how many people forget the little details. These details make a big difference. Having congruency in your online presence, shows attention to detail and make the statement that you are not f^&ing around.

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Consistency in posting

Post Consistently About:

  • Your Values

  • Why you do what you do

  • Inspiration of lifestyle

  • Knowledge

Consistency in your Visual Brand

Make sure all social and visual platforms are congruence with each other

Check all social media accounts and website first. Then work on other accounts, like google, bing, linkbacks, and any directory listings you may have.

Consistency in Clients

Keeping a consistency in the type of product or services you provide with help keep you focus. Making sure all you do and offer is linked back to your core values and business structure.

Do you have consistency in your online presence?

Let us help. We specialize in monthly life style photo shoots to help keep the control in your hands as to how you grow and move forward. With a little tweaking and some intentional structure, your social game can be go from blaa... to Cha-Ching!

As always, I am here to help. Have a project coming up? Need to run a campaign, promote an event or just get your social platform growing with consistency. We are here to help. Click button below to book.


Lucy Stange