Visual Content Online First impression

What is Visual Content and how does this help your fist impression?

Do you ever wonder what people’s first impressions are when they visit your sight for the first time?? This is sometimes the only impression you get and it is your one shot to make a lasting imprint on them because this is what they will remember about your brand. This is your chance to impress new clients and you want to be able to do that without them having to read long captions.

Images are your first impression.

Photos are naturally what people tend to gravitate towards instinctively, ever since we were little we turned to pictures to tell us what we needed to know. You want your photos that you have on your web site to make sense and be interesting, to capture your audience and keep them entertained.

How we can help your first impression ROCK!

My Social Drive can help you make that AMAZING first impression and help your content tell the story for you, so you don’t have to clutter you page with long explanations. We will also help you have fresh new content every month so your audience doesn’t get bored scrolling though the same pictures, and so nothing ever feels outdated. Together let’s make your first impression rock the socks off everyone who visits your page!!!!

First impression tip!

Make sure all accounts and are congruent.

If you have an event going on. Make sure you put that same info on Facebook, blog, email campaign etc. This help keep clients engaged and helps you look more professions and organized. As always. Frustrated and do now which photo to use and how to resize for all different formats. No, worries. We can be as hands on as needed.


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