Is Email Marketing Extinct? My Social Drive

Email Marketing is not extinct!!

Email marketing is not extinct and you are  missing out on sales if you  treat it like outdated technology. Email is a great way to keep in touch with clients and get your product and brand informat directly in front of your clients. Where is your social media or website its not as high rated. People need an email to do anything today. It is an awesome way to let people know what you are up to without being as invasive as a text message they feel like they have to respond to or open right away.

The key to email marketing

The key to email marketing is to make sure your content is opened and not sent to the trash or spam. The best way to do this is to make your emails mean something and not sending out too many. This is a hard one but you don't want to send people 3 emails a day or they will get annoyed and just opt to be taken off your email list or send you to the dreaded spam folder. Next you want a catchy subject to be enticing  and catchy so they want to see what awaits them with just one click. Finally (this may seem obvious but you never know) make the content you send them interesting and meaningful. Whether it is a deal they don't want to miss or a cute cat to brighten their day and so they know you haven't forgotten them don't just send the same old thing every time.

Take advantage of email marketing for the GREAT TOOL it is and continues to be.


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Email campaigns put a lot more control in your hands.

Email campaigns put a lot more control in your hands.