ROCK your connections + build your social community! -My Social Drive

Rock connections + Build your social community  - My Social Drive

Why Do you need to ROCK your connections?

Connections are key when growing your business, it can make or break you. When you don't have a big box corporation behind you paying for expensive ads  it forces you to get creative and look at every connection a little differently. If you can make every connection positive or meaningful you have that many more people spreading information about you and your brand. 

How to make strong connections.

Be real and authentic at all times. People are not stupid. If you are faking it, It will not last long. With that to say. You can't be friends with everyone. But, you can be you with everyone. Show your character, what you care about and what you believe in. Stand for it. fight for it, and find people who have similar beliefs. Be supportive and always comment and be social online.

Building a strong connection in your Social Community.

This comes with time. It takes time. You have to be consisting. Communicate and keep the conversations going. You will need to build relationships beyond the "I know about you" phase, and really go deep. This is done by experiences with each other. Whether that is in doing events or a project together, or inviting each other over for dinner.

Connection with Social Intention.

I strongly recommend having an intention before going around trying to build strong connections with everyone. Be intentional. Really think about it. Do you wont this person in your circle? Will they take care of your referrals? Will they answer the phone with advice when you are struggling? and vice versa.

Quick advice for online iterations.

  • Post daily.

  • Be social,

  • Be intentional

Happy Monday to you all!





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