What I've learned this first year of running my business!

What I've learned this first year of running my business!

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

My intentions in sharing my journey is to connect with you on a real level in hopes that you will feel encouraged. Feeling scared is part of growth; it is what I have experienced. I started My Social Drive as a support system for the DRIVEN Entrepreneur, supporting you in any way I can, such as answering your questions through email, phone calls, or in person. Whatever it is, I am here to support the small businesses in our community.

First off, what an honor it is to celebrate the one-year anniversary here at My Social Drive. I wanted to open up and share my journey. This past year has been an all-out struggle. Some days, I felt like giving up. I made some "not so good" choices, and sometimes, I fucked up, but I grew, and I am proud of how far I've come.

Let's start with the ugly

The first thing I learned was that social media has an ugly side and it's not for everyone! I have dealt with the repercussions myself, such as thoughts of "not feeling good enough" or "self-doubt." Going through this helped me understand that mental health has been a huge priority in what I do. I would not recommend social media if:

  • you have no purpose or plan

  • you have no realistic schedule

  • Is negatively affecting relationships

  • Is negatively affecting your mental health.

I do everything I can to support and encourage healthy habits that help your home and work environment.

The bad!

Initially, I started as a social media content creator business. I help my clients with monthly photo shoots to tell their story online in a real authentic way. This is still the main focus as I move forward. One of the biggest obstacles I've encountered was that clients did not have a clear purpose or brand direction. Questions like "where should I start?" "what is my brand message?" "what social platform should I use?".

I realized that clients needed more than just photos. They needed a marketing and implementation plan with a purpose.

The Good News!

With these pain points in mind, I decided to up my services to full-scale business solutions and offer better products/services to my clients. I have built a Business, Brand Development and Marketing Strategy side to my business as well as partnering with a platform to build reviews. Now I feel confident in helping my clients with their business. Creating a Google My Business page, Analytics, and SEO for growth is becoming more of what I do for clients. I start all my project in a collaborative setting mentoring, coaching, and brainstorming ideas that fit my clients personal and business goals.

I am passionate about this new direction and hope you take advantage and reap the benefits.

The extra good!


I are offering a free month of my new product, DRIVEN REVIEWS. Get new authentic customer reviews in minutes. Increase customer reviews. Be found online. Get new customers. Email here for more info. info@mysocialdrive.com

Thanks for following my journey here at My Social Drive.


Lucy Stange