Social progression and how we can take advantage of the opportunity in today's society!

Social progression, and how technology has changed the game, and how we can take advantage of the opportunities in today's society.

Our society has changed, and the way we socialize is not the same as it used to be. We had to actually get up and get dress and leave the house if we wanted to socialize. Now we can talk to hundreds or even thousands of people without having to put on a pair of pants. We could do this through videos, social posts, or even video chats. However, you can still feel alone and isolated.

Why Does Social Progression Feel Lonely?

It's hard to connect on a real human to human level online. You can't read body language well, and It's hard for people to open up and be real. People are craving real authentic connections, and with an addiction, to social media scrolling it makes it easy for people to feel inadequate or "not good enough." This can drive people into isolation and/or depression. People want to be seen and be acknowledged.

Social progression and the craving for acceptance.

We as humans want to feel appreciated, valued, accepted and as we belong. When you scroll for so long and don't see anything you can relate to it can be a problem. Take the change as a little nudge to use social technology to your benefit. Be transparent and relatable in your content creation. Talk about mistakes you have made (only if you can handle the responses). Talk about what inspires you. Let people know that you are a real person. Take advantage of the social media options out there like Facebook, Instagram, etc and create your community. There is a craving for human connection and support. By telling your story and connecting online, you can position yourself as a leader, and influence your community. Strategize your first point of contact and make sure every interaction with your community is a positive and supportive one.

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Lucy Stange