Using Guilt or Shame To Grow Your Business


Using Guilt and Shame To Grow..

Yes, you read that right. Using Guilt Or Shame To Grow Your Business.

Yes, I think you should use the guilt and shame you may feel at times as business owners to grow your business.

Why Would I Recommend This To Grow Your Business?

Well, be honest with yourself… When you are ashamed or feel guilty about whatever it is that your “self-talk” has decided to bring upon you, how do you typically respond? I usually respond with a big "nope" not going to feel this today, and head to grab a big case of distraction.

But, the truth is no matter how horrible those feelings me seem or feel, they are usually right in some sort of way. Guilt and/or shame are giving you a powerful tool that could completely change everything when faced and dealt with correctly.

How do you deal with the Guild and Shame to benefit your business?

You listen and make the changes. If you can't see how feeling shame or guilt could possibly help, look deeper. For example, some of my clients feel guilty when they don’t treat someone right, or miss the mark on their revenue goal. When I recommended diving in a little deeper, we found things like; Why taking the time to treat people right mattered! Now instead of getting frustrated, they start investing a little time that could change this person's life forever, as well as benefit the business as a whole. Diving in and listening to the feelings of shame or guilt can help you figure out what it would take to change or fix the problem, or most importantly see what you may not be seeing.

Face Guilt And Shame Head On

Essentially, face the feelings you try to run away from and figure out what are you not seeing that could be stopping you from growing your business? What needs to change and why? Once you dive deep into this process, you will start to see ways you can better your position as a leader and business owner in your business and solve problems that have been holding you back. And that is how you take advantage of guilt and shame to grow your business.

Now Is The Time

I strongly recommend facing these little nudges before they grow into big punches. My mom always said; These little nudges are ever so gentle with a little tap on the shoulders saying "Hey, let's look into that." But, if you don't listen it will soon be a punch in the face saying "HEY, I TOLD YOU TO LOOK INTO THAT!". and we will end up having to do some digging to get it all figured out. Take the advice and let guilt and shame guide you in the right direction. This will help you solve problems and stand out as you position yourself as a courageous leader in your area.

QUESTION: What are you feeling guilty or shame about right now? Time to stop running and let these feelings guilt and shame fule your business towards growth.

I hope you got value from this post and you can use this the next time you have one of those self-talks in the mirror.

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Lucy Stange