Take the DRIVER'S seat in your social media marketing.


Take the DRIVER'S seat in your social media marketing.

After all the years we have been in business, the one thing I will say is never, ever, ever trust someone to do it for you. They simply can't. You have the vision and the "why." You are the DRIVER! Once you realize this, you will be able to make traction in your business and grow to the next level.

This does not mean you have to do everything.

Absolutely NOT! I am a firm believer in delegating if you want to be successful. Delegating the things you suck at and the things that are a waste of your time are critical factors in building a successful, well-balanced business and life.

What I mean by taking the driver's seat.

We find that sometimes people say, "I want to grow and take my business to the next level. So, here you go, will you take care of it?" However, if you don't understand how our services are going to happen, you will not know if your needs are met, or if it is being delivered correctly, how to get the best value, or even understand its importance. You don't have to know all the little details, but I recommend you know enough to help you make a better decision. For example, if you were going in for surgery, you wouldn't need to know how to be a surgeon; however, you do need to know enough about why you need surgery, what surgery will help you with, and its success rate. It is the same as hiring someone to take over marketing or social media.

Before hiring a social media marketer, there are questions you must ask.

  • How will this help me?

  • Do I need this?

  • What benefits will this bring?

  • What are my goals and vision?

Once you go through these questions, I think you will have a more grounded grasp of how to move forward.

Why take the driver's seat?

Take the driver's seat because you have the vision: This is your business, and everyone one else will follow. They don't know your vision or your reason "why," and their vision and reason "why" is different from yours. My social drive, vision, and "why" is to help entrepreneurs achieve their passion, with excellent service to help attract, engage &
convert your ideal client.

Our mission: 

Equip, inspire, and encourage the driven to achieve success.

Here is how we help you take the driver's seat!
Here at My Social Drive, we like to meet one-on-one and talk about where you are before putting a plan of action together. We can walk you through everything, so you are equipped to make smart decisions to move your business forward.

How My Social Drive works

  • LEARN: Learn everything we can about your business, clients, and vision

  • PLAN: Put an editorial calendar, marketing strategy, and plan of action together

  • EXECUTE: Execute the plan of action

Let's get started.
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