Is Your Brand Springtime Ready?

Spring has officially sprung, especially here in the beautiful state of Minnesota. There is a new feeling in the air—the light and breezy kind—that brings out the moody yellows of the daisies and excites all the tiny critters hovering below the green surface. The snow is finally melting away, the sun is shining and people are actively taking their pups for walks. Small children are laughing and running for the nearby park, youngsters are peddling on new bikes to see old friends, while couples walk around the lake and teens roll down car windows to sing the latest hit on the pop chart. 

Is your brand taking advantage of this newness blooming all around us? 

This time of year makes us at My Social Drive question if the boss babes in our community are ready for the vigor of spring. Brands exude the exact same energy as the come of a new year, and it’s necessary for each brand to take a breath of it. People notice when brands welcome a warm energy, and we know that your brand already has its own uniqueness that customers are drawn to. So, why not turn up the heat? 

How To Freshen Up Your Brand

A Springtime Photoshoot
Coordinate a photo session with a professional photographer in your area with you and your team. Remember to wear light and bright colors and take advantage of an outdoor setting when shooting. This will bring a new lightness to your social channels and show that you are in the groove of springtime energy. 

Social Media Update
Update your social media profiles by switching out your photos with updated photography. You can bring on a quick and noticeable change with a new Facebook cover photo, Instagram profile photo or website landing page image. Use photos from your recent springtime photoshoot to add that extra pop of flavor. 

Set a New Marketing Color
Add in a new pastel or light color to your marketing materials. Currently, people are obsessed with this new color energy. Keep your initial brand colors the same because you don’t want to switch those up without a rebrand strategy (that’s a WHOLE different ball game). Consider adding a subtle tint to the mix or encourage more white space in your content. Let it breathe. 

New Social Content
Let your followers know what’s new with you and your business this spring! Don’t leave your followers and biggest supporters in the dark. What are you doing differently this season? Do you have any springtime events, projects, new clients or activities to promote? Show it off! Allow people into your space and see that you are an active part of the creative community and energised by spring. 9/10 they’ll want to join you!

Connect with us!

With these helpful tips, you can avoid the feeling that your branding and promotions are from last year or, worse yet, a few years ago. Of course, here at My Social Drive, we are more than happy to support you. Reach out here if you’d like to schedule a time for a photoshoot, strategy or rebrand session, social media strategy, management planning, and much more. Happy springtime friends!

Still, need help?

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