Keeping Mental Health in Mind as a Business Owner

Running a small business is a strenuous job and mental health plays a big role in its success. Financial, emotional and physical stresses can be very draining if you aren’t careful. I, for one, have learned this the hard way. I spend so much time taking care of my business, I forget to take care of MY wants and needs. I have to take a step back and realize… hey, I’m a person too! 

And not only is life hard, but tackle that with multiple clients and a team. That’s a whole other enchilada, my friend! Personally, I find my struggles are anchored between keeping my work/life balance in check and making sure my family is taken care of. From dropping the little ones off at school and attending choir concerts to finishing marketing projects, I feel an overwhelming cloud of stress. And I’m almost 99.9% positive, you do too. 

I’ve found one of the most important mental tips for small business owners is to set your hours and stick to them, and I mean REALLY stick to them. Don’t say you’ll finish a project sometime during the week, but jot down an exact time the project needs to be complete. This will help you with time management and taking control of all of life’s many to-dos. 

Keep Mental Health in Mind as a Business Owner } My Social Drive

Keep Mental Health in Mind as a Business Owner } My Social Drive

Boss Babe Tip #1: A little thing to keep in mind is to make a plan to work reasonable hours during each week and only work those hours. Don’t overdo it! You’re a superhero, but you’re not superhuman… just yet.

My Mental Health Plan for Mindset Clarity and Staying Sane

1. Simplify Your Schedule

And by simplify, I don’t mean going to the office twice a week or only hanging out with friends on Sundays. Even though some of it would be ideal, I mean only doing things that are worth spending time on. Create a flexible working environment where Mondays and Fridays you are in the office or at the business location and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you are working from your favorite coffee shop. It’s essential to arrange your work to fit your lifestyle! 

2. Get Movin’ 

It’s likely you have the stresses of work on your mind a majority of the day (and night). One of the best ways to relieve that stress is by actively taking part in an exercise program, which can be a gym, fitness class or regimen in your own home. Exercise is proven to reduce stress, improve focus and increase productivity. Start small and schedule a 30-minute walk each week and slowly build a workout routine that works for you.

3. Avoid Unnecessary Comparison

Social media is be a blessing AND a curse. It runs our lives, and in a sense, it has us believing everyone else is living their best lives; traveling, buying their dream house, running the most successful business. However, the line between reality and perception is becoming harder and harder to see. And because social media also supports our digital network and connections to our customers and client base, it’s important to manage the time spent. Keep email work to your computer and turn off your phone while at home. Take breaks and focus on the present moment! 

4. Celebrate Yourself

As more and more people decide to ditch their nine-to-five jobs, they’ve been faced with immense amounts of work, commitment and pressure. But by creating a community where people can read real stories and connect with like-minded peers, we’re able to clear our energy and bring new ideas to the table. Take time to celebrate your accomplishments and celebrate yourself. You deserve it more than you know!


Thanks for reading.

Lucy Stange