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The pursuit of Beauty by Jess at well layered.

The BIG question.. Are you beautiful?

Jess, approach to this question is impressive. Get full article The Volk Magazine. 

The Pursuit if Beauty Project BTS

What an honor it was to work on this project. When Jess first approached me. Our focus was on how to encourage women around us to be confident in who they are. To love their body unconditionally, the shape and little imperfections and help promote women in our community that we all have our little quirks. But, with all that being said, we wanted to encourage each other to love and appreciate who we are and stop comparing ourselves to others.  We are all different, and together we can change lives.

The vision

It's simple. Look around you. It is easy to start comparing and doubting ourselves. We wanted to encourage, our community to love, support, and value our differences.  As Jess and I were working on this project, she thought about bringing in different types of fruit to represent our differences. It was meant to be light-hearted and playful. A symbol of our personalities differences. 

Beautiful Fruit Salad! 

If you put a banana on an orange side by side. It would be silly to try and make them taste the same. But, for some reason, we do this to each other individually. We try to compare and be what the other is. Let me tell you-you, no matter how hard you try you can not make an orange taste like a banana (naturally). Fruit salad can be fun too. But, that only way it works, is if everyone is doing their part. What makes it enjoyable is the differences. And I believe that for every area of life. 

Morrla of the story... Let's make a beautiful fruit salad!

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In this photo, we have as young as 13 years old to 53 years old. No matter your age, height, color, or heel size. You are a queen and can rock any fruit salad.


Lucy Stange