Website Redesign: Ways to My Heart

By Mikaela Donelan

Food, food and more food! Who doesn’t love food? Laura, creator behind Ways to My Heart, certainly has a passion for creative foods. So much so that she started her own business around it. Laura came to My Social Drive when her new food blogging business took off and she had more technical needs than she had the time . She loves creating new content for her blog, but her website wasn’t keeping up with her business’s growth, social trends, and functionality needs. That’s when Laura reached out to My Social Drive and we couldn’t have been happier! We love being tasked with a whole new website redesign, and who doesn’t like working with content all about food?!

When we first took a look at her website, we loved her content. We even made a recipe ourselves. Just as Laura knew though, the design and functionality of her website didn’t match her brand and content. It had lots of dark colors and overall it was too simple. Her brand upheld much more sophistication and creativity, and the website needed more structure to easily guide users through a fluid, yet educational, experience that would bring them closer to the brand through social media or connecting through email.

So, what did we do and how does it look now? We started with an overall brand aesthetic reboot. We strategically analyzed Ways to My Heart’s brand personality and the audience to be able to collaborate on the on-brand color, feel, and functionality that would also be tailored to her audience’s needs. With a solid brand understanding, we made our base template of colors, fonts, and overall feel.

From here, we focused on the functionality and SEO. What does the audience want to know and in what order do they want to find it? We reworked the entire landing page to answer these questions. Then, we re-organized the structure of the rest of the website. Added in a “Work with Me” page, linked Instagram, and made a cookies policy pop up for transparency (aka client trust!). For the cherry on top, we applied our SEO tactics to make sure the website is boosted and seen in online searches.

In the end, our rework complimented the beautiful imagery and creative posts of Ways to My Heart while making it a fluid experience that leads to connections to the audience. This food blogging website will make you hungry just from viewing the landing page. Enjoy!

If you’d like to check out Ways to My Heart website, here’s the link

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