Website Redesign: Ways to My Heart

Are there any lovers of all things food, cooking, baking and dining related out there? Any travelers that plan trips based on delicious treats? If so, do we have something for you! Our client and close friend Laura from Ways to My Heart started a blog back in spring of 2017 on just that. 

Born and raised in Minnesota, Laura learned the basics of cooking from her mother in the kitchen, while the rest of her experiences were digested through the offerings of the Food Network. Unlike a majority of teenagers, cooking wasn’t so much a chore, but rather a creative outlet to try new things and get her hands dirty. 

She reached out to us at My Social Drive not too long ago with intentions of clearing her head and solidifying her content. Shortly after her food business took off, she was troubled with more technical needs than she had time (one thing we can all understand). And in order to relieve some of that stress, our team designed a suitable website that fit her business’s growth, social trends and functionality needs. We were more than happy to redesign an entire website, and who doesn’t like working with food?

Looking at it at first glance, we were intrigued. Her content was consistent and fresh—we even made a recipe ourselves! However, just as Laura thought, the design and backend of the website didn’t quite match her brand. There was an array of darker colors and overall simplicity that was lacking the flare of what her content provided to her readers. Her brand upheld much more sophistication and creativity than what the website portrayed. It needed more of a structure that would easily guide users through a fluid and educational experience—bringing them closer to Laura’s brand, social media platforms and email contact. 

So, what did we do and how does it look now?

Well, aren’t we glad you asked! Our team started with an overall brand aesthetic reboot by strategically analyzing Way to My Heart’s brand personality and target audience. We were able to form a collaborative on-brand color, feel and function that would work for Laura and her viewer’s needs through a solid brand understanding. 

From here, we focused on the SEO. To clarify, SEO stands for search engine optimization, or the process of making changes to a website design in order for it to appear in the search engines. And by optimizing her website, we were able to increase her brand visibility and connect her with a wider food-loving community. We asked ourselves, “What do her readers want to know and in what order do they want to find it?” 

Through the reworking of the entire landing page, we found the reorganization of the website’s interface was the place to start. We added in a “Work with Me” page, a linked Instagram (remember to use those hashtags!) and made a cookies policy pop-up for transparency (A.K.A client trust). SEO tactics were also applied for a boosted level of online searches.

In the end, the rework of Laura’s website not only made her happy, but our entire team as well! Her creative posts beautifully compliment the imagery and possess a digestible experience for users to thoroughly enjoy. Just talking about food blogging is making us hungry. Go check out the landing page and see for yourself. Happy searching Boss Babe!

Still, need help?

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