What are the best hashtags to use on Instagram?


Last week we did a live Q&A and went through quite a few questions that were submitted about digital marketing and content strategy. Thank you all who sent your questions in.

One question we did receive repeatedly is:

“What are the best hashtags to use on Instagram?”

I love this question and answer it on the LIVE, but, I thought to do a blog as well.

Hashtags are an essential part of social media marketing, and I think this question deserves a full deep dive, to help you understand hashtags and how to build your own hashtag strategy for best results.

First and foremost, your hashtag strategy should be customized to you and your needs.

Everyone has their way, and I recommend you find the strategy that fits you, your needs and goals best.

The basics for best hashtags to use on Instagram.

Hashtags are used as a tool to help the end user (your potential clients) find what they are looking for. Brownie points if they find a community they can relate to.

It is your job as the influencers/business owner to use these hashtags to connect with your ideal client and build a relationship.

With that being said, it takes strategy. Answering your potential client's questions, like: "how to," "where," "what," and why."

Hashtags are used as a Social Media Search Engine focused around building community.

Let's start with Research:

You will need to do a little research to find your ideal client. Like what hashtags are they using to find results similar to what you would be delivering? What are others doing in your niche? Look at what is being posted in each of your niche hashtags and find what fits you.

Start your research by going to the discover search bar on Instagram. Type in a hashtag that is related to your services, product or business values. From here look at the most popular and see if they are relevant or fit your brand.

There are three things to think about when doing your hashtag research.

  1. Your Niche

  2. Your Community (Ideal Client and their values)

  3. Location (Where your potential clients are located. Can be state, city, business, community)

For example, if you were a fitness GYM located in LA, CA. You could use hashtags like #fitness #getfit #fitnesslifestyle etc.

To niche this out a little more, you could add your specialty. Example, #lafitness #lafitnesslifestle or #lafitgirl

Hashtag Guidelines

  • Research plan and implementation.

  • Pick 10-20 relevant hashtags

  • Use hashtags on post and stories.

  • Engage with the hashtag community on a regular schedule

  • Comment like and show your presence.

BONUS Hashtag Engagement (Follow up).

This is most often missed. When I work with my clients, I am always shocked by the missed opportunities in this "follow up" realm. What I mean is to go in there and comment and engage with the people that have already let you know they are interested in your post by liking it or commenting on it. Reach out, send messages, like there images, comment on their page. This takes the relationship to the next level by showing up and being real. With that being said, use your time wisely.

Still, need help?

Book a discovery call here, and I would love to help you put a strategy together that makes the most sense for you and your business.



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Lucy Stange